Professional Chiropractic Care for Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Finding a reliable and trustworthy chiropractor doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  Dr. Peltier graduated at the top of his class and is board-certified. With a 25 year relationship with the Middle Tennessee and Murfreesboro community, you can count on him and his staff to treat you as a family member. 

OUR MISSION…To create an optimum state of health and well being for as many families as possible by removing interference to the expression of life in the body.

NATURAL FAMILY CARE…Chiropractic’s drug-less and preventative approach to health and wellness makes it appropriate for all ages, from infants to senior citizens.  Dr. Tom has had extensive study and experience working with children of all ages with many different health concerns as well as for Wellness.  Our office utilizes safe, gentle, low-force techniques.  We are happy to be the “Family Chiropractor” for many families here in Murfreesboro.


*** Join us for our next Dinner Talk on Monday February 20th, at Logan’s Roadhouse in Murfreesboro.  Dr. Tom will be sharing some very valuable and interesting health concepts that you are sure to enjoy.  Plus, we pick up the tab!


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We are very excited to add the “Doctor’s Resource Center” to our Website.  Click below the arrow to have access to the most extensive Health Database on the Internet.

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